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Variation on the term "poon tang"
Courtney Love's all drunk and spreading her legs and showing her poonaner to everybody!
by Mary July 22, 2004
74 13
What you call someone when you just don't give a fuck.
"john will you come play ninja master with me?"
"You Poonaner , who do you think you are?"
by ChrisFields March 25, 2008
7 11
someone who is not being fun or is acting like a downer. an un-agreeable person.
quit being such a poo-naner and come out with us.
by hollilau April 18, 2006
5 14
a dirty bastard that won't stop talking shit, or just won't stop bragging about shit.
blowthetoad is a poonaner; a poop covered banana.
Stick a banana up your ass and shit it out.
by bread infection November 15, 2005
18 34
One who is even bigger then a pooner. Quite possible the biggest pussy alive.
Candice, Scott is a poonaner.
by Ryan Reeves July 09, 2003
11 29