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1. A small bag filled with poo. Often carried around by dog owners when out walking.
Poo is picked up in the bag and discarded.

2. A term use at random intervals in the day to make people laugh.
1. Darn Margret, Where is my poo bag?

2. Hey, Poo Bag
by I do not have a name September 28, 2007
verb: to poobag

The act of having little activity, just lingering unproductively.
Question: What have you been doing today?

Answer: Just poobagging around.
by poobags_89 December 08, 2009
1:A generally annoying, rude or lazy person 2: A socially acceptable way to insult childen in public
Mother : " hey josie can you hand me the remote?" Child: "no, get it yourself!" Mother: "you know josie, you can be a real a poo bag sometimes."
by Jennysayspenis June 19, 2011
A name for a person that is rubbish at everything. Or an expression used to describe something that is not very good.
Hi Poobags how you doing?

That's poobags.

by Nic Walker July 26, 2005
A baby's diaper, or nappy. Also poo-catcher.
"I've run out of poo-bags. I'll have to go to the store and buy another packet of diapers for the baby."
by Lyn van Amstel May 31, 2007
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