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1. One who stabs poo
2. One who stabs poo in the act of anal sex.
3. One who stabs poo in the act of male/male gay sex.
"Elton John is a real poo stabber"
by Beavis H. Christ June 29, 2003
30 9
The act of a male pounding another males asshole with so much force that he literally stabs the other man's poo with his penis. After he takes his penis out of the other man's asshole, the other man might suck off the poo and make the man cum at the same time.
"dude, dave so so hammered last night he poo stabbed the dog"
by groggsman April 29, 2004
40 24
a male homosexual
Elton John is a poostabber
by E. Roberts April 30, 2003
19 5
Butt-fucker, bum-shagger, partaker in brown love. Generally homosexual.
Shut your face you poo-stabber!
by Nosman October 23, 2003
4 3
boys who work in web departments with secret obsessions with cat toys, love crock pots, and Chinese women.
Everyone may think they are working diligently in their office, but they are just wasting time poo stabbing.

"Jeremiah is a Poo Stabber!! He done poo stabbed Johnny! And he liked it!!"
by the smuts November 16, 2012
3 3
A pickle chugger or a stool pusher. Also, a real prick.
That poo stabber just cut me off!
by Moses G January 13, 2004
11 12