The act of inserting ones finger into the anus, or outer surrounding area and massaging until a sufficient amount of aroma exists on the digit. At this point, the finger is then surprisingly inserted into the corner of unsuspecting victim's mouth and with a sharp tug on the finger, it is "hooked" inside the recipient's mouth thus creating a "hook" effect.
Mike was being a pussy, so I had John distract him, got my finger ready and totally gave him a huge poo hook and told him to stop being such a douche.
by StuartMI September 21, 2008
Top Definition
A poo hook is performed by taking your finger and massaging it around the anal sphincter enough so that the smell of it is noticeably present on it. From there, you sneak up behind the unsuspecting victim, quickly slide the tip of your finger in the corner of their mouth, and pull on it like a fish hook.
Mike was acting like a total douche, so I had John distract him, got ready, and totally caught him off-guard with the poo hook. He said the smell was unbearable, and I was proud.
by Balok of the Fesarius October 02, 2008
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