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where you put poos when you're finished with them.
ohh I need to take a crap, where's your poo bin?
by doctor filth October 05, 2007
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a childish word usually used by teenagers to cover up a word with they normally could not say to their parents. This word is very effective while engaging in a fight with your parents. Therefore, saying the word is perfectly adequate because. while you are still saying something rude to your parents, it sounds more polite and childish, so they do not take it as an offense. Another word that is great for covering up a word such a fucker, bitch, slut, asshole, ect.
Mom: " I want you to stay home tonight and watch your three younger brothers."
Girl:"Your such a poobin!"(in mind calling her a fat slutty bitch)
by wewalkthelake January 05, 2010
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