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Having sexual intercourse while the male is behind the female. similar to Doggy Style, but grabs a hold of the females hair like the reigns of a pony/horse, possibly making horse noises
Jack was wild, so he went and had a Pony Ride with Sally.
by Jack's outta the Box December 21, 2009
(noun) a situation in which payment (time and/or money) is required for substandard goods or services.
I can't believe I waited in line for 20 minutes and paid $5 to ride that boring roller coaster. What a pony ride!
by JT Applefest September 27, 2010
Horse. Heroin. Shooting/smoking heroin. Keeps it kinda secret from others cause not many refer to heroin as 'pony'.
Anyone wanna go for a pony ride later?
by carfentanil January 26, 2012
The cruel and unusual punishment given to the one you love. It involves taking someones arm and putting it under the other persons legs, going around their crotch and pulling up on the other side until you reach the breaking point.
It's a very funny sight. A great way to embarrass your child in front of friends, relatives, Rabbis and grocery shoppers.
I love Bob, that is why I gave him a pony-ride.
by pony-ridden February 06, 2009
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