A beast of a word used by old pedophiles use to entice children into there bedrooms.
by Charles Of Nazereth December 30, 2004
Top Definition
sounds like a dirty word but its actually a marine engineering term for containers fastened together to support a floating bridge, boat or plane
She sunned her voluptuous body on the pontoon bridge across the pond.
by mandingoe May 05, 2004
The part of a catameran that keeps it afloat on the water. A catameran has two pontoons that are shaped like canoes. They are connected by a platform that the person sailing the boat sits on.
Without pontoons, a catameran would not be able to sail.
by zanny May 26, 2004
a fat chick
When she walks that pontoon's ass looks like two bulldogs trying to fight their way out of a bag
by Gabe Benitez July 18, 2011
The opposite of wretched;

Someone or something that is completely cool, laid-back and ready to party.
Gurrrrl, that feathered hair is so not pontoon.

Vice Vaughn in Swingers is so pontoon.
by Jason Jopke June 06, 2005
This is a type of womens breast that when acted upon by gravity, they spread far off to the sides...much like women from National Geographic.
"She got the only pontoon titties...they smack against her knees when she is naked and shit."
by dirt burgler April 05, 2003
Pontoon and drug used by people who have ADHD.

How bout them addies son?
I got a orange pontoon.
by Smacktards October 09, 2007

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