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cute little cartoon blob like people that say things about love
theyll show pon and he'll be like "can you get the plague from loving someone too much?" with little pink hearts all over his body.
thats one example of pon and zi
by .............bob.....bob....... October 18, 2006
Emo pop art created by Azuzephre. They are the definition of cuteness and are madly in love with each other. They come in two colours: yellow and blue
"omgsh have u heard of Pon and Zi!?"
"uhh wat?"
"google it. . .theyz so cuuute XD"
by sexi bum April 02, 2009
Cute little creatures who have a bunch of quotes about love.
some Pon and Zi quotes~

Even heaven is hell without you

I can't sleep cuz my pillow is too wet

no matter how much i practice, i can't make drawings of you pretty enough

by love mischief~ March 30, 2009
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