A Tampon!
Oh No! Ive got no pons left!
by Flampon October 19, 2009
abbreviation standing for "peace out nigga", used commonly online to introduce your departure
aight, i'm out, pon1
by Pat NH December 25, 2005
To get worked
eg. falling down or getting hit
What happened to you?
I got poned!
by Arash Farhang May 26, 2005
To stuff up. Or a person who makes constant mistakes is called a pon
Did you break that? You are a PON.
by hirdy September 23, 2005
An American slang term for tampon.
"Damn! The string broke offa my pon and I hadda get it out with my fingers."
by Arjay April 20, 2006
Forget that
"You can walk to school instead of me driving you"
"Pon that, I'll take the bus"
by 3da aka Dejavu June 04, 2004
pussy, vagina
ahh that girls "pon" was off the hook!
by lita marquette September 25, 2003

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