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pompt is an undefined action verb. it can be used in place of any other action verb in the english language. it is the ultimate in context-based definition. every use of pompt should be defined by its context. examples below should clarify.

pompt is also the base structure for a variety of noun, adjective and adverb derivatives, such as: (n) pompton, pomptor, pomptasm, pomptitude, pomptality, pomptation; (adj) pomptastic, pomptacular, pomptudinous, pomptalicious, pomptful, pomptatious; (adv) pompterrific, pompt(adj)+ly.
go pompt yourself.
let's pompt up some dinner.
pompt yourself on over here.
pompt the window, will you?

that pie was pomptastic.
pomptacular idea!
that girl was totally pomptatious.

hey, throw me the pomtpor.
by The Cinimod September 11, 2006
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