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Made popular by New York rapper Jim Jones from Dipset, name of his new album is Hustlers P.O.M.E.
by VeX™ October 28, 2006
Top Definition
pronounced "pomm-ee"

Originally an acronym for the status of inmates sent to Australia: 'Prisoner of Mother England'.

At first used by the English to describe Australians (as anyone Australian must, obviously, have come from prison), now in a strange refersal used by Australians to designate anyone from England.
"Oid loik ta waelcum tha pome baastud ta god's awn eu-uth, and ta remoind him we deown't loik stack-ap sticky beeks reound hee."
by Figleaf23 July 27, 2007
a negative word when refering to british


its not quite as insulting from the american perspective, but it is an insult to the british
you bloddy pome
damn pome
stupid pome
bloody waving pome
by blah November 15, 2004
A simple-minded rhyme.
"Oh no! I stubbed my toe!"
"Nice! you made a pome!"
by Aletheia Vonlubs May 10, 2008
What Heidenreich writes on Smackdown.
by andYbase13 October 04, 2004
A word to call someone. Can be a neutral word, an alternative to perhaps "dude"
May be used offensively
Hey pome, what's up?

Shut the hell up you pome!
by shiny July 16, 2004
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