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A thick, stupid or unintelligent person. An idiot.
That ChrisDaDon is a right thickston, he's not at all clever.
by Shiny January 01, 2005
Acronym for "Naked Fun Time".
"Now that your bed is so close to the wall, your nft will wake me up." -- actual quote
by Shiny September 18, 2004
The number one nourishment of #asr.
Hey, it's FOOD! time.
by Shiny November 10, 2004
a word superiors use to call 'kid'
look at that keed

dont u think ur a little too old to be playing that? prolly playing with the lil keeds
by shiny September 29, 2004
A word to call someone. Can be a neutral word, an alternative to perhaps "dude"
May be used offensively
Hey pome, what's up?

Shut the hell up you pome!
by shiny July 16, 2004

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