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someone who is somewhat knowledgable in many different areas and enjoys sharing this continuosly ,yet can also be socially repelling on many different levels consistently.Also used to describe individuals who attempt,(yet fail), to begin meaningful conversations with the words,"Well actually...."Sometimes used as both antonym and synonym for t-shirter, depending on the attractiveness and coolness factors of the individual
Ex.1: Do you think that idiot will ever stop trying to mathematically prove the social theory of space alien unacceptability in today's culture?

Well actually one can't mathematically prove or disprove the social acceptability,nor unacceptability of a fictitious member of society.

Shut-up polynerd.

Ex.2: Sam is a neurosurgeon./musician who enjoys dressing casually during down time;Sam can be both a t-shirter and occasionally a polynerd
by crazeesan January 10, 2014

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