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a person who has a wide variety of likes in music.

POLY means many.

MUSE means music.

so it literally translates to "many music".

it means you like a lot of different styles of music.
if you like country, jazz, rock, metal and funk, then you might be a polymuse.

it's good to be a polymuse.

opposite is a monomuse

i'd say the majority of the people are polymuses.
by coheedxpowerx3 May 08, 2009
A polymuse is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas in the musical arts. In less formal terms, a polymuse (or polymusical person) may simply refer to someone who is very knowledgeable in music.

Someone who is an expert at 3 or more classes of musical instruments (including the use of vocals) may also be called a polymuse.

Someone who listens to wide variety of music genres may refer to themselves as a polymuse though to a much lesser degree due to the fact that the average person listens to wide variety of genres in the first place.

A one man band is a polymuse.

Not to be confused with audiophile.
Lance: Avril knows how to play the guitar, the drums, and even the piano. She doesn't sing too bad either. She's quite the polymuse.

Aldrich: You call that singing? Avril is old hat!

Abbie: Beethoven is a bit of a polymuse. He plays the organ, piano and the violin but an organ and a piano is in the same class of instruments so...
by 14nc3 January 12, 2010