Pronounced (po-vo, the l is silent)
A demeaning name for a crack head that does white or anything that has 2 do with that baby powder
Crackhead: U wanna do some lines??
Me:nah man in straight I aint a polvo like you
by .:Ace Money:. September 21, 2008
Top Definition
A polvo actually means powder but is Dominican slang for a nut. Like busting a nut.
Tengo una bellaquer ensima, voy tener que echar un polvo.

Im horny as hell, I gotta bust a nut.
by Jose Luis Lopez August 31, 2006
1)spanish for powder, 2)slang for busting a nut (on one's face) 3)but the truth of a band that existed in the 90's find them on 'kitchen puff/jesus christ','touch and go' and 'merge' records
polvo de estrella = powder of the stars or perhaps cumming on the face of the stars
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
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