The act of engaging in doggy-style sex and having a friend come in the room and take your place without the girl knowing, you then walk outside a window where she can see you and wave happily at her.
"last night my brother and I pulled a poltergeist! You should have seen my mom's face!"
by pastafagioli May 17, 2010
fucking a bitch in her ass from behind, then switching with a guy without her knowing and walking in front of her waiving
she was about to kick my ass when she found out that i wasnt fucking her in the ass, and that it was her dad...thats the poltergeist
by SPANISH BASTARD September 10, 2003
When a television sucks you in
I was on vacation but never left the hotel room because the TV poltergeisted me.

by creatiffany July 11, 2008
Scariest movie ever about the paranormal.
Poltergeist 2 really scared me. It scared me so bad it gave me nightmares.
by Saints September 24, 2003
A ConquerOnline Monster
Poltergeist hit hard!
by lol <.< April 24, 2005
A poltergeist is another type of ghost. However, these are easily confused with demons. The reason is because not only do they possess the powers of a spirit and apparition, they can touch and move things as well. Demons usually possess these powers and that's why they are usually all confused with demons. Comes in ball, shadow or full detail form.
Poltergeists are ghosts that can move objects, touch objecrs, make noise and can appear and be sensed like a spirit.
by Parapsychologist February 14, 2015

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