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To head-butt something accidentally (usually when drunk) with force enough to do damage to both yourself and the object /person you are head-butting
Guy 1: jeez did you see jeff polley that streetlight last night?
Guy 2: yeah man, he nearly left a dent in it, he was so drunk.

Guy 1: oh man, I totally polleyed that chick last night when I got her home.
Guy 2: how'd you manage that?
Guy 1: I went in for a kiss and misjudged the distance.
Guy 2: you seriously need to stop drinking so much.
by Das JakPool September 06, 2011
5 1
A polley is a wart which cover the japseye.
help i cant piss,why?, ive got a polley !!!
by deekwawd February 24, 2009
11 10