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a euphemism; words used to make people feel better when they're fat, gay, black, etc.
Person 1: Look at that fat black gay dude.
Person 2: He's not fat black and gay, hes obese/ overweight/ has a height-weight disproportion, African-American, and homosexual
by anonymous April 12, 2004
A bloated, circumlocutory and wholly American attempt at relieving the white man's burden; a struggle to find polite terminology for whichever group feels slighted that day and needs a hug. Tricks the unwitting into referring to Somalian nationals as "African-Americans."
How can you call them "black people"? That's not politically correct!
by Matticus November 13, 2003
an overused attempt to get people to stop using biggoted slang. The use of the term black people is pretty much accepted in most communities anyway so why say should we have to say African American instead of black(why use most of what is seen as politiically correct anyway, eg mutt replaced by Mongrol).
Not all things that are associated with political correctness are necessary.
by Light Joker May 14, 2004
A tool of the KKK.
Political correctness causes far more racial tensions than ever existed before it.This is by nazi design.Because Liberals are nazis.And political correctness is their religion.
- see also; Satanism
by trust no one January 11, 2006
Political-correctness is a very notorious method of conversation that, when used in argument, strips away free speech. In my opinion, it is for people who cannot think, and force politeness upon others.....NOT that politeness is bad by any means, but always correcting someone's way of communication is actually quite annoying.
The reason PC'ness is for people who can't think is because they refuse to use & accept the original word for various sakes. Although PC'ness is a polite form of conversation, it shouldn't have to be forced upon others, especially considering this nation's founding principles like free speech. Unfortunately, political-correctness is a very common element used in various arguments, such as stereotyping people, referring to a person's ethnicity, etc.

Overall, political-correctness is the biggest excuse since canned cheese.
War : Campaign (at least in an American sense)
French Fries : Freedom Fries
Tall Man : Man of Height
Fat Man : Man of Mass (or something like that)
Thug : Mean Person, Socially-Challenged
Retard : Mentally-Challenged
Blind : Visually-Challenged
Chinese : Oriental
Japanese : Oriental
Korean : Oriental
Oriental : Asian
Indian : Native American
Native American : (use tribe name)
Black : African-American
African-American : (n/a but still regarded as offensive)

....anything else?
by Dave November 12, 2004
Method by which to negate all debate and set up a dictatorship.
-While doing this they simultaneously tried to take away your 2nd amendment rights while letting criminal mafia types and gangs have them.And they did all of this while flooding your country with illegal aliens so as to firmly undermine your country's sovereignty.They made ethnic minorities killing eachother into a fad (see racist).
Liberals disguise their racism as loving tolerance and desire for equality by using political correctness to deceive us and brainwash us.Democrats and Republicans both suck and they both just lie to us and brainwash us in order to get us to go along with their plan for a new world order.Their racism should sound and alarm.
by I'm right June 01, 2006
The process or movement in favour of of substituting benign words or terms for those which are potentially offensive. Originally intended to cut down upon widespread verbal abuse of minority groups, but nowadays often comes under criticism for excessive zeal.
Black = African American
Midget = Vertically Challenged; Little Person
by D-K December 18, 2003
Uranus = urine-ness
harass = harris
what the fuck,over?
political correctness is gay!
by don't do it September 13, 2005