The only sport where it is ok to grab a pole, get on it and have the highest ride of you life...and have every one cheer and clap for you as you get off (the mat of course)
Yes, I am a true pole vaulter!
by Katie February 09, 2005
one of the most dangerous sports in the world, can only be preformed by the most skilled athletes, niggas cant do this sport
guy: can you pole vault?
other guy: yeah i broke my back once
guy: what a bad ass
by MFBA May 25, 2011
A girl with no or flat ass.
"She's hot."
"But she's a Polevault."
"If you fucker her from behind you bottom out, because she has no cushion and you "polevault" her and fly off the bed."

Slangem Dozier
by SlangemDozier2 April 04, 2014
To fall over naked when you have an erection and land on your dick !
"I fell over this morning and did a fuckin' pole vault!"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
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