1. A track and field event where one uses a fiberglass pole, momentum, strength, and technique in order to get over a crossbar{i.e. bar} at a certain height. One runs down a pole vault runway, plants the pole into the box while jumping off at the same time or a little earlier, goes into the air, inverts {or, flips upside-down}, and goes over the cross bar, and lands on the mat.

Note: If someone says the reason they do it is for the "hot chicks" {or something to that extent}, or one of the first things they say about it is they mention the hot girls, they aren't true pole vaulters.
I pole vault.
by birdi_gurlie October 18, 2008
Top Definition
A sport in which you run with a fiberglass or carbon fiber pole, and then use it to jump over a bar at high heights. Normally, most pole vaulting chicks are really hot, which is why i pole vault.
Guy 1: Did you see that hot pole vaulter girl?

Guy 2: Yeah mannnnn, I had hot kinky pole vaulter sex with her!

Guy 1: Rockin'!!!
by suckaaaaaaaaa June 01, 2005
The best track and field event with the hottest girls. You run down a runway towards a planting box and pads with a fiberglass or carbon pole which you use to vault over a bar supported by adjustable standards. Sergey Bubka holds the world record at 6.15m (over 20 feet)
Pole vault is expensive. It takes a good plant to get high.
by bayvaulter510 September 10, 2006
A sport that I do only because all the girls who do pole vault are super crazy oober hot.
I had hot kinky pole vaulter sex with her on the mats today.
by suckaaaaaaaaa May 28, 2005
A track and field event where you use a fiberglass pole to run and then push yourself up in the air to clear yourself over a crossbar. aka- greatest track event ever.
I cleared 10 feet vaulting today!! I came in first!
by vaulter girl Rach July 05, 2004
A pre-ejaculatory maneuver performed during intercourse (generally when the female is 'riding' on top) that is used as an alternative form of contraception. The maneuver involves converting one's momentum into a strong pelvic thrust to toss the female off in order to avoid busting inside of her. This move is particularly useful with 'trappers' who intend to get pregnant without the conscent of the male participant
"I was about to bust, and the bitch wouldn't get off, so i gave that trapping-ass ho the pole vault!"
by mike shay March 03, 2008
the absolute best sport there is. high jumpers think that high jumping is better, but that is only because they are not capable of pole vaulting. to be successful in this sport it is vital to have speed, upper body stregth, flexibility, focus, and determination. to pole vault is to be amazing.
brian: i high jump, but my life time goal is to be able to pole vault

victoria: yeah, thats everyones life time goal

brian: i dont think ill be able to accomplish it though:'
by victoria10293847576 June 21, 2007
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