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The act of having sex with a pokemon; masturbating to a pokemon
Justin: Dude, I think that Nidoqueen is sexy

Channing: Gross! You're into pokeality!

Adam: All I gotta say is watch out for Nidoqueen's Earthquake

Justin: No worries, I know Hypnosis
by adambomb9 March 28, 2011
pokemon porn, similar to beasteality,

sexing a pokemon.
"after giving up masterbating for forty days for lent, i got desperate and started doing pokemon. damn, this pokeality is really great."

by tsmithh February 13, 2008
The act of having intercourse with one or more pokemon.
I just had mad pokeality with my torchic last nite, right before I finished, it embered.
by chazzledazzleverbeiren May 05, 2010