A poke ninja refers to talented and skilled person who pokes people on facebook using unusual and crafty methods. Poking in a ninja manner involves stealth, speed, mastery of various poking options.

Suspected to possess jedi-like powers, a poke ninja can poke using household objects, different programming styles, small rodents, and has an uncanny ability to dance in a 50s swing style to any kind of music, except country music.

Poke ninjas appreciate chaos, pickles and have been known to lick randomly people.
James is such an amazing poke ninja. Jessica was a pokecamper, and when he poked her, she didn't even realize it.
by rockcityfire February 07, 2011
Top Definition
A facebook friend with the innate ability to poke you back immediately, no matter the time of day.
Ian Rice is the greatest poke ninja around.
by ualreadyknooo April 07, 2011
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