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A Maori word meaning poor.

Generally used by Maoris when calling out one or some of their mates for constantly borrowing/asking for stuff and never giving it back, or acting as if they're poor.

So it can be used for a person who'd rather use or "borrow" (but not give back) stuff they are lent, instead of buying their own things.

Pretty much a moocher.
person 1: Oi bro, can I borrow a pen?
person 2: Nah man, that's like the 3rd pen I've given you this week! Stop being a pohara and buy your own.

person 1: Bro, can I have a chip
person 2: Yeah I guess
person 1: (takes half the pack)
person 2:F**k you're such a pohara, I didn't mean take all of them!
by Roro T July 11, 2013
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