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Filipino word for "handsome boy" or "cute boy"
See that dude eating the tomatoes in front of the KFC, he's hella pogi.
by SeanyBravo December 04, 2003
-adjective . tagalog

Simply means HUNK in English

An extremely good looking young man

A guy that has an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance

He can make your head turn and brake necks

A stud

In the Philippines if you are " Pogi "
you can easily get all the hot virgin looking Filipinas or Pinay for that matter, thats without a doubt!.
Boyfriend: Hi baby, you look so sexy tonight.
Girlfriend: ohhh, youre not only sweet but
you're sooo Pogi!!
( for sure Boyfriend will get laid tonight)

Girl: Hi.
Guy: Well, Hello there good looking!
Girl: Look who's talking, "Pogi!" *wink*
Guy: Pogi? whats that!?
Girl:Dont worry about it! You wanna make out?
by thisiswhyiamhot February 17, 2009
pogi is a filipino word that was originally formed by the word cadag.It is a compliment for filipinos whose good looking
Ex1. ang pogi mo ngayun

your so pogi today

Ex2 ang porma ng damit mo ang cadag mo.

nice shirt!your cadag
by dotaboy January 06, 2012
Pogi is the only adjective to describe Ryan Denny Wong, and only Ryan Denny Wong. This has been agreed upon by the confederates of the International Summit of Good-looking Guys.
Boy: I am so pogi!
Policeman: You are under arrest! Only Ryan Denny Wong can be called pogi!
by ISGG July 16, 2012
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