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Pogger - (adj.) descriptive of a scruffy, shabby, cheap or otherwise low quality person, place, or article; the quality of being scruffy, poor, substandard, or generally inferior.

NB - variant form 'pogney'

believed to have originated in the Hull area.
Did you see that?! Put my beer down for a second and that little scrote over there just robbed off with it. Proper poggers trick that.
by Smith. February 28, 2011
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Nickname for a poster on the puzzles and other games subforum of twoplustwo. A typical pogger is a degenerate post whorer.
Man 1: Metsnfinsfan sure has a lot of posts on twoplustwo. He must be good at poker.

Man 2: No, he is a pogger.

Man 1: Ahhh
by Aaronk56's Son April 03, 2011
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another word for arse-rape
by AsHoK February 12, 2004
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