A person wearing headphones who is largely disconnected from the surrounding world.
Last night I was riding my bike home from work and some podhead guy wearing girl jeans ran into me with his designer fixie.
by Dr. U W December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A person who loves to drink coffee made with coffee pods.
When a podhead needs coffee...they need it fast!
by PODhead.com September 30, 2006
One fixated on an iPod either owning or wanting.
Your such a Podhead.
I know.
by macfanatic January 23, 2005
People who are obsessed with podcasting
Frank is a real podhead. Can;t seem to get enough of that show
by marc scarpa October 13, 2005
someone who is glued to their ipod!!!
Yames: Hey come here look at this!!!

SanA: HUH??!!!

Yames: Effin SanA is such a podhead!!
by Dubs22 October 23, 2007
Someone crazy for iPods, not necessarily Apple computers.
Also a deragatory term for a groups of iPod users seen in large groups or "everywhere".
Also a person wanting an iPod with a passion
Man I went outside today and all i could see where podheads.

Your Such a Podhead, I mean you won't Shut Up.
Yea well... Yeah!!
by Dr. Francis Montgomery March 14, 2005
Someone who exhbits a strong dependency on their i-pod and are constantly updating and/or wearing and listening to it.
Since I bought the new 8GB video, I've become a total pod head!
by rax January 16, 2008

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