A very colorful quad in Caroline Hall. It was once a study room and is now the loudest room in the trashiest dorm at St. Mary's College of Maryland (a title formerly held by Dorchester.) It is characterized by a giraffe on the door, obnoxious and repetitive music and a giant white tiger carpet.

It is not to be confused with the ladies who dwell there and the extra two that don't live there but are always around.
"I got so wasted on Ricki in the Podge last night."

"I heard he made out with the Podge."
"Nah, man. The Podge is a room, not a five person group that you can lump together and hold responsible for the actions of the individuals involved."
by The Point News April 13, 2010
Top Definition
vb. to podge. meaning to nail the shit out of a bird. often accompanied by a pizza, hence the invitation "fancy a podge and a pizza" nb posh girls may need the offer modified to a "a paudge and a quiche"
see before or also " i gave her a right good podging".
by team 125 podge brigade March 06, 2005
podge is a synonym for "fat" as in blubber, NOT ph fat
richard has a lot of podge on his stomach
by mr anonymous August 02, 2005
Derived from the phrase 'you chubby thing'
"Your putting on some podge there"
"You're looking podgy"
"She is cute and podgy"
by Jonno April 13, 2004
Come's from the Geek Legend "Podgimus Maximus" Hense the word "Podge" meaning legend, cool, basically a Idol for normal people
Gee Dave, i wish i was as cool as "Podge"
Can i have yor autograph "Podge"
by Tom Wingham July 12, 2004
An object used for packing dope into a joint, i.e. bit of wire, toothpick or (ideally) the removable bit of a clipper lighter.
Has anyone got something I can use as a podge for this spliff?

This doobie isn't packed tight enough, you need to podge down the ganja.
by CaptainMoofish July 01, 2007
synonym for vagina, in a non-sexual way.
The little girl has a podge.
by Croquet May 03, 2005
(n.) Fat gained by husbands in sympathy with their pregnant wives. See also SQUODGE.
"Naw, that's not a beer belly. It's podge."
by missnell April 04, 2010
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