a select friend, a friend you would say is special enough to be called by this term
yeeeeeeee poder. poder! thats my poda.
my podah! whats up podah?

by Zac Deluca August 06, 2007
Top Definition
A word used to define a buddy, pal or friend. Said at the end of a sentence, usually said with stress on the "der". Most commonly used in private prep schools.
"dont even get me started, poder"
by KtK & AC June 24, 2006
A word used by a group of people who think they have started a fad, but have completely overestimated the popularity of its use and really just annoy the crap out of everyone.

"Seriously. Shut the fuck up."
by lolstfu November 08, 2006
a retarded person that must wear a helmet to function
hey look, it's the poder bus!
by Rachel Manwhore June 19, 2006
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