A chode (a dick fatter than it is long) which is so fat that the dick-hole resembles a pussy. This way you can use it for both types of sex (assuming that a girl's pussy is wide enough.)
He wanked his pode with one hand, and fingered it with the other.
by Nobb Sukkahrr May 04, 2005
Top Definition
n. (-s) - an incorrect abbreviation for "episode" coined by improperly educated long island teens, usually in reference to DVD sets of t.v. shows (i.e. Friends, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy).
v. (-d, -ing) - the act of watching an episode of such a t.v. show, usually only used in verb form with the phrase "pode it up".
"We watch way too much t.v. in our dorm room, we watched 9 podes of Friends so far today."
"Guys I need to relax, wanna pode it up?"
by alfredojensen March 11, 2009
A bastardization of "iPod".

"iPode" is also acceptable but takes away from the beauty of slaughtering Apple's iconic name for their product.
"Dude, where's my pode?"
"I have no clue where your fucking iPode went."
by cracklelackle January 19, 2010
n.f Définissant quelqu'un qui possède un peau, cheveux, tanning, ATTITUDE à tendance rouquine
Mmmmmmmmmm tu es une belle pode toi!
by CLec April 18, 2010
A penis with a chode on the tip of it, forming a 'T' shape. If someone has a pode, they are most likely forever alone and will stay a virgin their whole life because it simply can't fit, and if it did it would get stuck.
Dylan: OMG! Look at that guy!
Vitaly: HAHAHA! He has a pode!
by urbanmaster111 August 05, 2013
No bodys bitch.. but a combo of a fucktard, bradmoss and a siefucker.. and he is a total quief
by Jerk Isgay October 13, 2003
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