gay as hell, grody, bumpkinny, country like, sub-dixie like. adjective. or whatever describes a noun.
winkwonk: my school has cockroaches
BINKBONK: man, thats fucking podank

DOOD: i live in NC
dude: that state is fucking podank
by gay man i am [haru] October 23, 2003
Top Definition
genre of cool, urban hillbilly, ie gangstabilly music, aka hick hop.

also the best damn outlaw bluegrass band in the world.
Alternative Worship with PoDank!
by podankster April 18, 2004
derived from the words podunk and dank, podunk being low brow, likely uneducated, american white trash, and dank being high quality contraband. the combination describes the highest quality lowbrow rednecks available in the midwest.
larry the cable guy, john hartford
by sick April 18, 2004
A term used to describe dirtiness.
Also a string band from Oklahoma.
I have some podank smegma.
by Danksters Anonymous December 02, 2003
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