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There are threes types of pocket foxes:
1) the fox that only lived for 15 minutes in the 16th century, the insides of it's pockets are the strongest aphrodisiac on earth.
2) the one currently living is small, white, and has glowing blue eyes. It has pockets on it's sides. They have tons of fleas, but you will usually not notice because of the third type of pocket fox.
3) the hampster-shaped creatures that live inside of the second type of pocket foxes pockets. They are also called pocket foxes because people used to think that they were the offspring of the second type of pocket fox. In exchange for getting to live inside of the pocket fox's pockets it eats it's fleas, which also gets it an easy meal.
1) Mr. Burns was able to have sex after taking the pocket fox's aphrodisiac
2) The pocket fox is the coolest animal ever!
3) This pocket fox lives in the other pockets fox's pockets!
by Dirty Shoes March 10, 2004
a pocketfox is a mythical tiny fox that fits in your pocket. It comes in handy in stores with long lines, especially in urban areas. It's main function is to scatter and terrify the chickens in the "henhouse" However, it can also be used to hurry the geese along when crossing a street.
The line in Ikea was sooo long and full of cluckers. I could have used my pocketfox.
by 500what June 27, 2010
A small attractive lady
My God, she is quite a little pocket fox.
by Matt January 20, 2004

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