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1. A fruit, a cross between a peach and a mango. Not eaten usually, but used as currency.

2. A sexual act involving 3 handle bars, a raised platform and a stool. Has a 10% chance to kill the male. Often used as currency. Chance of death reduced by how many apples the person ate in his lifetime.
Girl: Wow those are some really cool boots, how much do they cost?
Salesman: 200 pochangos, and a subway gift card.
Girl: DEAL!

Guy1:Yea dude, I took her home last night..AND GAVE HER A POCHANGO!
Guy2:You got balls of steel. BALLS BALLS BALLS of STEEL

Obituary: We will miss DJ, his death, via pochango
Mourner: Damn, he went out in style
by Pixysticks November 15, 2007
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