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Shortened commonly used slang for the band Powerman 5000. Band that hails from the boston underground before signing to dreamworks records. Sometimes later due to the purchase of dreamworks by interscope was removed from the record lable and opened their own Record lable titled Megatronicrecords.com
Me: I just went to the pm5k consert
Friend: Cool i heard it was a good one.
Me: Yea Powerman is the best.
by Michael Gorman January 16, 2005
12 5
"cool" slang abbv. for the metal band "Powerman 5000".
-"Did you know Rob Zomby's brother sings for pm5k?
-"Pm the what-fuck?
-Pwerman 5000... re-re
by comforteagle65 December 29, 2004
3 10