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(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days
My brother is a real pluviophile; the Seattle climate will suit him well.
#rain lover #joy #peace #wet #rain
by Marcus A September 18, 2013
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A spurious Latin-Greek formation coined by the Greekless which attempts to express love for rain but in fact manages to express both pretentiousness and ignorance, the proper Greek formation being "ombrophile,' with ὄμβρος meaning long rain.

(Note: A psekaphile would be one who likes drizzling rain, and an hyetophile one who likes the rain in general.)
Pretentious Jerk: "He's a real pluviophile. He would be happy in Vancouver."

Jerk: "Why, you're no Classicist! It's ombrophile! Go study Greek!"
#rain #pretentiousness #ombriphile #greek #latin
by WoodrowB July 02, 2014
A person who gets sexually aroused by the rain
My aunt saw that it was raining and took off all of her clothes and went running outside. That's when I started thinking, ''My aunt might be a pluviophile.''
#rain #sexual perversion #pedophile #pluvial #arid
by Jimbo Jones Jackson Jimbob October 01, 2013
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