another word for the male member; a penis
Overheard in conversation between otherwise normal males: "Suck on my plumbob and bite my jelly bean bag."
by Joe Bone March 18, 2005
Top Definition
A usually green (can be yellow or red, depending on the Sim), diamond-shaped parallelogram over the head of a Sim character from the two best-selling PC games of all time, The Sims and The Sims 2, that depicts the mood that specific Sim is in.
Sim 1: Hi, I have a green plumbob. I am happy.

Sim 2: Hi, I have a yellow plumbob. I am not too happy, not too sad.

Sim 3: Hi, my plumbob is red and I suggest you fuck off before I rip your asshole apart because I'm angry.
by Crunkay July 09, 2005
The act of a woman performing fellatio on a man while he is sitting on a toilet defecating.
Bitch, I don't care if smells like the fart of a raccoon with colon cancer, get on yo knees and gobble this knob while I squeeze out the remnants of your hastily prepared lasagna.
by Slick Dick Lick June 14, 2004
To flip a bucket over and use it as a seat.
There were no more seats around the campfire so I just plum bobbed.
by Craptastical February 22, 2009
1. The name given to either a random thingamabob or do-what that is so completely useless to the average civilian that it is not worthy of a intelligent response.

2. Plumbob can also be used as an insult aimed at someone guilty of committing a totally embarrassing action.
Yeah he's a right plumbob man.
by PureInsanityLoop February 19, 2011
A blow job while hanging completly upside down
Pauls mom gave me a great plumbob last night!
by cragni June 20, 2009
The act of inserting one or multiple fingers into another's anal cavity.
I jumped in the car with these 3 fat bitches. One of them started plumbobbing me while the other one stole my credit card.
by Barcode May 17, 2009
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