Wh one deficates as a substitute for sexual lubrication. ie poo + lube = plube
When I wanted to make sweet love to her breasts they were dry so I plubed and penially massaged her coco peaks.
by Ges smith December 03, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who is toolish, or sloppy.
Yo did you see shane yesterday? he was mad plube
by swain April 12, 2005
An oily, brownish mark left on fabric post anal intercourse. Plube consists of fecal matter and lubrication combined.
I received a call from my friend Tom who inquired on how to remove a troublesome plube stain from his sheets.
by SFLinguist September 02, 2012
The smell that comes from anal sex with a dirty butt-hole
Sex with Matt smells like Plube
by skittles1989 April 02, 2009
To use ones urine as lubricant while j-oing
I'd rather plube than get off the couch for lube....bjt
by Xxhoneydewxx June 17, 2016
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