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Words used by stupid bitches who have no life and sit on the computer 24/7.. Instead of saying please, these highly lame individuals come up with new words and slang to try and full fill the empty void of what most call a real life, by making up stupid words.
jaline would you plox log off your computer and find a real life.
by saltygrl January 27, 2011
Ultimate noobest way of say please.

"OMGG, no. Stop being a noob."
by failgirl. May 18, 2009
a common mistyping of the abbreviated plz seeing as only fat gamer fags have fat fingers, the accidently hit the O key right after the L and hit X instead of Z, thus making them more of an outcast on society coz they are fat, and they cant spell
Kid-noob gimmie all ur iteme before u plox
Kid 2- fuck off fat shit
*kid 2 leaves the game*
Kid-ban him plox host
Host-STFU fat cunt
*Kid 1 gets custom kicked*
*Kid 1 banned for leaving*
Host-Rofl at that fat fuck hes banned
by hi......im mitch July 23, 2009
Cute things doing cute things.
Dang, that cat ploxed that baby lamb!
by idontwannamakeaname December 06, 2010
A faggot's way of saying please. That guy did not create the word and the word did not start with plix rofl.
Gimie sum cawk in my butt plox
please cum in my butt plox
by Dow-TFC June 04, 2009
Acronym for Peace, Loot, Or XP

Used by players of the MMO Wizard101. PEACE is for bringing peace to The Spiral (W101 virtual world). LOOT = Stuff you win in-game which you then immediately sell for in-game currency. XP = Experience Points, which are needed to level up. Widespread use as a battle cry, greeting, goodbye, or as equivalent to "Live Long and Prosper" or "May The Force Be With You."
It's time to defeat Malistaire. PLOX!
Time to stop playing and get back to stuff IRL. PLOX!
I'm heading into The Spiral. PLOX!
by IcyWiz February 17, 2010
The most Annoying form of please. Whoever developed it is retarded, so are the 1337 gamers and the noobs that use it. end of story
Can i have some money plox?
by dfaewtetrawyerr March 16, 2009