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When you laugh and laugh your ass off, until you actually start to gain pleasure out of it.

background: lmao + orgasm = lmaorgasm
Timmy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's awesome, so awesome I can't even describe the feelings I'm going through!
Jerry: Well Timmy, that's obviously a "lmaorgasm".
by oozabooman November 30, 2004
While playing the old MMORPG known as Aspereta, people would make spelling mistakes on purpose, as a sort of fad within the community.

items -> itams -> itans
gib itans plox
u got sum kewl itans
by oozabooman October 07, 2006
Gatty means 'gay'. Some video games and chatrooms block the word gay, so people tend to type 'G@Y'. @ = at, and gaty sounds like 'gatty'.
<Rixis> danny is gatty
<oozabooman> dont
by oozabooman September 16, 2006
I invented this word throughout my playing of the old game Aspereta. Being an MMORPG, people would type smaller versions of words, instead of the full thing. Here's how it went about:
-Instead of please, people said 'plz'
-Instead of plz, I purposely mispelled it as 'plx'
-plx, when spoken out loud sounded like 'plix' to me, so I started to say 'plix'
-I mispelled 'plix' as 'plox', then just kept doing it on purpose
buffs plox
gib sum itans plox?
by oozabooman October 07, 2006
In order to save time (like 4 seconds, tops) people leave out letters while trying to type sentences. CUL8R directly translates to 'see you later'
Danny : G2G, CUL8R
TriggerHappy : ooooooo kk
by oozabooman October 07, 2006

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