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An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written.
"I was up until 3 am last night, writing. I was just attacked by this Harry/Draco plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone."
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
Basically, an idea for a story.
I have a plot bunny for a story.
by Rayenna September 25, 2003
An idea for a fanfic that may strike at any time. Sometimes they're great, sometimes they suck.
Mel: I was watching Grey's Anatomy, and Lexie broke Sloan's penis. So I've got this plot bunny where Harry breaks Draco's penis.
Jenna: What?! You need more sleep, hon.
by Gesterly January 24, 2009
Plot bunnies are much like a single plot bunny, only it is ideas for many stories/fan fictions hitting you at once.
"I was hit with a major case of the plot bunnies last night!"

"Ah! The plot bunnies! They attack!"
by Karei September 06, 2008
1. An excuse for Fanfiction writers to have a huge cliff-hanger

2. An excuse for Fanfiction writers to take a long time to update.
1. Sorry for the cliff-hanger guys! My plot bunny couldn't resist!
2. Sorry I took to long to update! The plot bunny wanted a carrot!
by Juliet O'Hara October 16, 2011