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Ploaf is a nonsense word used often as a synonym for excrement, but may replace any word or part of speech. The term originated from a misunderstanding of a team name in the classic cross-platform real-time strategy game, Myth, from Bungie Software. That team's name was "The Pimento Loafers", shortened as "ploaf" (from the 1999 Myth World Cup on "Ploaf" is now most commonly used online since 2004 as part of a username (see the user profile for "ploafmaster" on from 2004).

Both of the cited uses of this word predate the older UD definition, as evidenced by the examples.
I think I have to drop a ploaf in the toilet.
by ploafmaster July 02, 2012
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loafng for pleasure, a combination of 'loaf' and 'pleasure', verb "ploafing".
I should have gone to work, but I couldn't be bothered, I just wanted to ploaf.
by twunty February 06, 2013
A name usually give to evil nazi doughnut eating wanna-be ircops.
Wow, look at that fucking Ploaf in that gay ass channel, he needs to get a life.
by Pigeon994 May 29, 2005

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