A straight woman or girl who looks and/or acts like a lesbian.
Lauren's new butch haircut makes her a plesbian.
by Benjamin Thomas July 08, 2006
Top Definition
A woman who is part-time lesbian.
Tired of men, she decided to be a plesbian.
by fairyrust March 21, 2005
Example 1:
'Oh my god!!!' (End of sex)
'You're such a plesbian...ooooooooooooooo'

Example 2:
"Shes such a plesbian!!"

Example 3:
"Fancy being my plesbian for the night?"
by Plesbians4life January 15, 2014
A Plesbian is a woman who engages in sexual activities with another woman but only platonically.
Amelia had sex with Emily but she isn't gay, it was purely platonic; Amelia is a complete Plesbian.
by Rosheen_Roqueen August 05, 2015
a cross between pleb and lesbian - essentially, she is the lesbian equivalent of a basic bitch.
Omg, did you see batoul faraj skeezing on that girl last night? She's such a plesbian!
by cheryltunt February 24, 2014
a retarded girl/women that thinks acting like a lesbian makes them cool.
that girl was a plesbian she totally came onto me
by Roll Wit It June 05, 2007
power lesbian, most likely enjoys loafers and accessorizing with turquoise.
Dude, look at that pant suit. What a plesbian!
by ecmhiloley March 05, 2011
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