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A straight woman or girl who looks and/or acts like a lesbian.
Lauren's new butch haircut makes her a plesbian.
by Benjamin Thomas July 08, 2006
12 13
A woman who is part-time lesbian.
Tired of men, she decided to be a plesbian.
by fairyrust March 21, 2005
29 9
Example 1:
'Oh my god!!!' (End of sex)
'You're such a plesbian...ooooooooooooooo'

Example 2:
"Shes such a plesbian!!"

Example 3:
"Fancy being my plesbian for the night?"
by Plesbians4life January 15, 2014
3 0
a cross between pleb and lesbian - essentially, she is the lesbian equivalent of a basic bitch.
Omg, did you see batoul faraj skeezing on that girl last night? She's such a plesbian!
by cheryltunt February 24, 2014
1 1
a retarded girl/women that thinks acting like a lesbian makes them cool.
that girl was a plesbian she totally came onto me
by Roll Wit It June 05, 2007
11 12
power lesbian, most likely enjoys loafers and accessorizing with turquoise.
Dude, look at that pant suit. What a plesbian!
by ecmhiloley March 05, 2011
6 9