A new game system that looks like George Foreman's contraption "The lean mean, grilling machine"
Playstation 3 looks like George Foreman's Lean Mean, Grilling Machine
by Wings June 11, 2005
an inferior gaming system compared to the x box 360. known best for having lame-ass japanese fighting games as the main profit. (devil may cry 4).
while the rest of the world is playing AWESOME games like halo 3 ODST, the playstation gamers are stuck with pussy ass titles like naruto storm, and Eternal Sonata.
x box owner 1: Broheem, we gonna play some Halo 3 ODST firefight tonight?

x box owner 2: Hell yes broseph! we gonna get the vidmaster challenges, yay recon!!!

playstation 3 owner: im gonna go play Naruto.....

(x box owners point and laugh, then skip away to go kill the covenant)
by i cant find an unused name! October 02, 2009
The plastation 3 is the most unsuccessful games console in the playstation franchise. Its lack of good games combined with its poor design are key factors in why it has been outshone by the xbox 360 and Nintendo wii. Some games experts are even suspicious that it is just an upgrade of the plasation 2 with a blu-ray player and bigger hard drive. The online aspect of it is also poor due to the bad lag and lack of English speaking players. The reward system for the playstation has also been condemned as a copy of the xbox's highly successful "achievement" reward system. All these factors contribute to why the playstation 3 has not sold well and is referred to as the shantytown of houses.
Xbox user 1: what are you going to do when you get home?

Xbox user 2: I’m going to play some gears on my badass 360

Playstation user 1: what are you going to do when you get home?

Playstation user 2: I’m going to trade in my playstation 3 for an xbox.
by Arnold Antinagor April 15, 2009
Absolute Worthless Overpriced Crap
"Hey did you get the Play Station 3?"

"No I didn't get that shit, I got the Xbox 360 instead because I have a dick."
by H3player December 09, 2007
A miserable failure due to it's high price and trying to sell a high-end computer to the mass, rather then a gaming console.
I was wondering why Sony wanted to turn a gaming console like the Playstation 2 into a Sony VAIO-esque Playstation 3.
by Some Lazy Dr December 27, 2006
An overly priced peace of junk, it is sony's next gen console that is way overpriced for wat it can do, it copied things from the wii and 360 which shows how pathetic sony is they cant even make their own fricken ideas! seriously if u want a next gen console get a xbox 360 or nintendo wii they are way better and dont cost as goddamn much!
Brandon: OMG!!!! i got a PLAYSTATION 3!!!!
Isaac: Jeez dude u bought one of those overpriced pieces of junk.
Nick:Yeh man u could of got a 360 or wii,they are better and cheaper u must be on drugs dude.
by Mr. Blarg November 27, 2006
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