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Coined from How I Met Your Mother, Future Ted mentions the time new upstairs neighbors moved in, and proceeded to have loud sex on a regular basis, which he euphemistically describes as "playing the bagpipes" to his children. (November 2, 2009). It also can refer to f**k or f**king.
Ted- "Shut the bagpipes up!"

Robin- "They're still playing the bagpipes!"
by Raiken June 14, 2010
6 0
To have one gay male stick his penis in the other man's arm pit
Ryan and Joe were playing the bagpipes all night.
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
11 2
slang for blow jobs or giving head.
"i hear she was playing the bagpipes for anyone at that party"
by snowman12 March 03, 2009
4 1