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Female masturbation using the hands to rub the clitoris.
My vibrator is broken, so I'm stuck playing DJ.
by Old Perv August 27, 2008
16 2
(v) Slang for female masturbation.
Don't bother me, I'm playing DJ.
by Bone June 17, 2004
41 12
the action of stimulating a females clitoris in a sexual way.
I really wanted some sex. So I took off her panties and started playing DJ
by Slut Trap July 29, 2009
6 3
the spinning effect you get from drinking and/or smoking profusely. used in code around others who don't participate or approve of drinking or smoking
i was so drunk the other night i thought i was playing dj
by brittanyash June 26, 2007
3 13