An all-encompassing affront on the lifestyle of the person to whom the hate is directed. Broader in scope, yet more specific than simply the term "hate". Most often used as a verb.
Please do not player hate.

Pacman Jones is the most player-hated person in the NFL.

Whilst attending a danceteria, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson player-hated upon Ja Rule for over five hours.
by OffBdwy November 24, 2008
Top Definition
to hate a player
dont player-hate on me, player-hate on somebody else
by j-rob mad fresh April 09, 2010
when someone is a player, and your jealous of them, you are a Player hater.
What a queer, he has so many women he can't even handle all of them.
by devin schaedig February 02, 2003
To snitch on someone or bust them out.
" my homie playerhated on me and told my wife about my girlfriend " or " why you wanna playerhate on me
by La La Girl 76 August 13, 2003
to annoy or bug
" Chad and Bob are always Playerhating on Tony at work "
by lalagirl76 August 14, 2003

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