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Gaming phrase that means "please" in normal English.

Originates from pl0x,
which is from pl1x,
which is from plix,
which is from plz,
which is from pls,
which is from please.
noob: omggimmesomeitemsplawks
other gamer: omglolwtfbbq
by Darx November 10, 2007
57 7
gaming phrase meant to mean please.
Jaquann:Can i have some Mesos? Plawks?
Mason: NO, GTFo of here before i smack you with my dick F3
by Gboy August 23, 2007
25 9
"Plawks" Means Please.
Jay: Can i have some Mesos Plawks?!
Mason: No.
by Jaquann July 20, 2007
9 7
This term is only used in MapleStory MMORPG.

It means: please.

Usually said by noobs that ask mesos.
C4n 1 H4v3 s0m3 m3s4rs pl4wk$?

Mesos plawks im poor
by Combattente November 28, 2007
9 14