the plastics
the term become very popular after the movie mean girls with lindsay lohan.the plastics is a group of young girls aged for 12 up to 20 with a common love to fashion and beauty.their style is prep.they usually wear expensive brands such as gucci burberry pucci ysl etc.the main topic of discusion is beauty tips and how to be "perfect".it is very common that these girs becaume mean with the others especially with kids that are more dark..they go around in a clique of 3 to 5 persons and they tent to keep secrets and codes that nobody else knows.being a plastic also means that you have money to go around wearing fancy clothes and of cource having a sports car.trying to be good at anything can be your obsession.
nerd 1 :oh the plastics are over there what they are doing?!

nerd 2 :they show off their perfectly matched outfits and gossiping...what a waste of time!
by **Victim2death** September 10, 2007
A bunch of high school girls who think they are awesome and everybody likes them. They think people call them plastic because they are beautiful and people love them but oftentimes it is just because they are wellknown fakes. Usually made up of fake blondes but may have one or two less popular exceptions.

This term was coined globally with the release of the movie "Mean Girls", which has become almost guidelines for how the "popular people" or "totally cool" groups act.
Girl: Man, I wish I could be one of the Plastics.
Otherone: Why, they are just losers who think they're better than everybody else.
Plastic: But I thought everybody likes us, we're just so awesome!
Girl: Oh ok, you're right.
by PinocchioNoLies January 29, 2009
1. girls who think they are all that and that every guy wants them--but really; guys just want to use them, because they're EASY!!

2. a girl that had undergone plastic surgery
1. boy: "i had already hit them plastics over there!"

2. girl: "she's a plastic!!--fake ass BOOBS!!"
by wow March 08, 2005
a type of girl who is popular and usually self centered. When you think about them you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you are jealous of their car and social status but you don't want to be them. Often self-degraded and stupid, can be sexually jaded.
The girl who I used to think was my girlfriend
by TheDuke October 12, 2004
A person who is fake, and tries way too hard to be "popular". Sometimes they may remind people of Barbie dolls.
Girl 1: "What do you think of the new girl?"
Girl 2: "She seems too plastic."
by gigiapple June 26, 2010
Usually a girl, the stereotypical Plastic originates from the US of A. Their parents are usually rich, they have to flirt with their daddy and act like a daddys girl to get what they want from their dad, and they are the envy of most girls at their school. They're known to be bitchy, backstabbing, flirtatious (only with the Jocks), and just down-right mean. Their parents are rich enough to afford to buy them REAL designer labels such as Gucci, D&G, and Prada. They think they're better than anyone, and look down on anyone who isn't like them, i.e grungers, goths, nerds, and the poor. Watch the movie "Mean Girls" to get more insight on these horrible girls.
Plastic: Daddy, I need £300 for a new Gucci hangbag

Daddy: But sweety, I don't have enough money this week.

Plastic: BUT DADDY, I WANT IT! {Looks at Daddy in a flirtatious way}

Daddy: Oh okay...
A systematic person who tends to have no soul or mind of their own - also who alters oneself for progression of beauty; social strumpet.
That plastic doesn't know what a socilaist is.
by agentcodyfranks February 07, 2004

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