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1. The quality of contesting notions of personal and collective identity being mass produced through a hidden curriculum constituted internally and externally through forces of transnational capitalism, militarism and industrialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, speciesism, as well as other modes of oppression.

2. The philosophical stance of being so totally and completely insane that one must make up words to try to validate one's own experience.

3. The state of existing in a world entirely of your own construction having no basis in reality whatsoever, but also being angry at those who don't recognize your reality. They do this because they are not diverse.
1. We participate in a variety of oppositional, alternative, and transformative movements such as traditional ecological knowledge, place-based education, and other means of enabling alternative social imaginaries and worldwide collectivities for planetarity.

2. We can't dialogue because your planetarity is getting out of control.

3. I'm planning to file a harassment complaint because you don't respect my planetarity.
by intellegent evolver May 05, 2009
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