When you drop places you've been to in order to make yourself look good. Similar to name dropping.
Name dropping is far too blatant, when you place drop it has the same effect but comes off subtly. "I was at over at the hyde last night, it was fun."
by Fred Riahi November 05, 2006
Top Definition
(v) To reference a place you've been during a conversation, whether or not it is appropriate, for the purpose of pointing out you've been there. Similar to namedropping, save that the object is to point out that you've been somewhere, not that you were with someone.
Person 1: I'm trying to lay off hard alcohol for a while.
Person 2: Oh, me, too -- ever since I was in Cabo last month, I've been watching what I drink.
Person 3: Way to placedrop Cabo in the conversation.

I like Sean, but he's constantly placedropping Chicago, like he's so cool for having gone there on vacation.

It was about halfway through the conversation that I realized I'd placedropped London six times, not even meaning to bring up my summer there.
by Talmanes June 09, 2008
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