Top Definition
A fake friend.

One who pretends to be your "bro" but really does not care.
I thought Bob was cool but he turned out to be a total Placebro.
by AMJacker January 27, 2010
A white guy that tries to act like like he is black by wearing the baggy clothes and speking ebonics.
Rodney is a placebro. He's having a racial identity crisis.
by Jimmy The Schwantz November 14, 2008
A Bro that is your backup Bro when you're Bestest Bro is unavailable
Jack: "Hey Chet! Do you want to Bro out tonight?"
Chet: "Ah sorry man, I've got plans."
Jack: "Ah, that's alright. I'll call up Alex. He's my placebro."
by Bclique22 May 26, 2015
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